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Integration: Google Calendar#10


A google calendar integration would be really clutch.

a year ago
Changed the title from "Google Calendar Integration" to "Integration: Google Calendar"
a year ago
Merged Todo#60
a year ago

We’re curious to hear more about how people would like to see this integration function within Momentum!

a year ago

I would prefer for the calendar to be simple. Calendars can be overwhelming when looking through your monthly or even weekly agenda. What I believe would fit Momentums minimilist theme best would be a single day agenda.

What I picture is a button similar to the countdown feature which says the time of your next appointment and when clicked on, drops down into your scheduled activities for that day. I have fiddled around with some dev tools to give a simple visual of what I’m getting at (attached). Features that would likely need to be added as far as a Google Calendar integration would be colour specific calendar options and the ability to select which calendars to use. Most people, myself included, have a number of different calendars (i.e. family, personal, girlfriends personal calendar etc.) that are all differentiated through different colours.

10 months ago

I would preffer if there would be following option for this integration:

At launch Momentum could automatically show the current runnig google calendar entry as the focus for today (and write the start and end time after the name). If there is no entry right now – it could sho the last or the next entry in the calender (the user should have the option to choose the behavior for that case).

After I check the current focus in momentum as done it schould be changed to the next entry in the calendar – like autofocus (and it doesn’t matter if the entry already ended or not in the calendar).

There should be an option to show a few next items as a list under the focus item, or just the focus.

6 months ago

The best would have the ability to look at a three day window, so I can see what I need to do today, tomorrow and day after without having to actually go into the Google Calendar website.

3 months ago

A google calender would really be helpful so I could link my school calender to my homepage without having to log into google and go to the calender to see upcoming assignmeants.

a month ago