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Integration: Apple Calendar/Reminders#23

I know this is a really tricky one because Apple doesn’t like to play with other kids, but I’d love to see an integration with the Apple calendar and/or the Apple reminders. I’m relying heavily on those, because they allow me to share events/reminders with my family, and it would be neat if I didn’t have to type out my to-dos a second time (even though it makes for a really good excuse to procrastinate).

2 years ago
Changed the title from "Integration with Apple calendar/reminders" to "Integration: Apple Calendar/Reminders"
2 years ago

What are we waiting for??

2 years ago

I’m waiting for this feature for a long time, I’ve tried all the other integrations so I could sync my Momentum todos on mobile, but all were cumbersome with too much UI for me.

a year ago
Merged ios Calendar#440
a year ago

This would definitely be a massive plus! I used Microsoft ToDo, and it works, but being an apple person, it’s always nice to keep it all apple since I rely heavily on my apple calendar.

10 months ago

Any update on this intergration? Thank you.

9 months ago


6 months ago

Yes - this is a deal-breaker for me at present - need it to integrate with Apple Reminders (iCloud I guess). Maybe via Zapier?

4 months ago

Sync with Apple iCloud ToDo (aka Reminders) would be a first good value feature. May you rename the feature to separate Apple Calendar and Apple ToDO ? Indeed you don’t sync calendar for any app whereas you sync ToDo with almost all popular apps already…

7 days ago